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Department of Chemistry Wall Research Group

Current Research

Technetium Chemistry

Technetium-99 (99Tc), a pure beta emitter, is a major environmental contaminant produced during fission processes in nuclear reactors.  Aspects of our research include studies of Tc complexes formed with relevant ligands.

Various fission products solution chemistry

We are studying the chemistry of fission product present in spent nuclear fuel. Zirconium, for example, is present in the PUREX raffinate.  We also test materials for iodide and iodate immobilization, for applications to nuclear waste management.  We have studied rhodium speciation.

Metal solution chemistry in mixed solvent

We quantify metal chemistry in mixed solvents to develop a novel analytical method for the rapid analysis of elements and isotopes pertaining to nuclear forensics.

Nuclear Waste Form Corrosion in Presence of Relevant Repository Sediments

We are interested in studying the impact of near-field environment on the corrosion and degradation of glass, a well-characterized material used for high-level waste (HLW) confinement.