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Department of Chemistry Wall Research Group

N. Wall Grants

DOE/NE “DOE Traineeship in Nuclear and Radiochemistry at Washington State University and Colorado School of Mines”.  N.A. Wall lead PI, Co PIs: M.P. Jensen (CSM), K. Nash (WSU), D. Wall (WSU), S. Clark (WSU), J. Braley (CSM).  Award DE-NE0008582. 09/2016-10/2021.  $3,000k.

U.S. DOE/SBIR “A Highly Selective and High Efficiency “Smart” Sorbent for 129I”. Ganesh Skandan (PI) and N. Wall. Grant SC0015771.  08/2016-02/2017. $40k

U.S. DOE/NEUP “General Scientific Infrastructure Support  Calorimeter for Nuclear Energy Teaching and Research” N.A. Wall (PI).  Project GSI-16-11018. 12/31/2016 ‑ 12/30/2017.  $223k.

Los Alamos National Laboratories “Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School 2016”  N. A. Wall. (PI)  01/01/2016 – 09/30/2016.  $200k.

Battelle – PNNL “Technetium Management, Task 3:54042 Technetium Redox Speciation, Treatment, and Removal from LAW” N.A. Wall (PI) 01/01/2016-12/31/2016.  $59k

U.S. DOE/NNSA “Determination of Thermodynamic and Kinetic Parameters for Complexation of Tc(IV) with F, Cl, Br, I, SO42- and PO43-, acetate, citrate and EDTA” N.A. Wall (PI), D.E. Wall (NRC, WSU) Award DE-NA0002916.  10/2015 – 10/2018.  $750k.

Battelle – PNNL “Technetium Management, Task 3:54042 Technetium Redox Speciation, Treatment, and Removal from LAW” N.A. Wall (PI)  Grant 54042.  05/16/2015-12/31/2015.  $37k.

Los Alamos National Laboratories “Nuclear Forensics Undergraduate Summer School 2015”  N. A. Wall (PI) Gratn 012016.  05/01/2015 – 09/30/2015.  $200k.

U.S. DOE/NEUP “Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectrometer for Nuclear Energy-Related Teaching and Research” N.A. Wall (PI) and J.J. Lessmann. 2015 – 2016.  $129k.

U.S. DoD/DTRA “Field detection and quantification of inorganic species from surfaces” B. Clowers (PI) and N.A. Wall.  HDTRA1-14-1-0023. 02/26/2014 ‑ 02/25/2017.  $1,050k.

U.S. DOE/NEUP “Managing Zirconium Chemistry and Phase Compatibility in Combined Process Separations for Minor Actinide Partitioning” N.A. Wall (PI), K.L. Nash, L.R. Martin (INL), C. Marie (CEA, France).  Project No 0201-03.  02/20/2014 ‑ 02/19/2017.  $700k.

U.S. DOE/NEUP/General Scientific Infrastructure Support  “g Spectroscopy System for Teaching and Research” N.A. Wall (PI).  DE-NE0000658.  12/02/2013 ‑ 12/01/2014.  $110k.

U.S. DOE/NEUP “Coupling of Nuclear Waste Form Corrosion and Radionuclide Transport in Presence of Relevant Repository Sediments” Nathalie A. Wall (PI), James J. Neeway (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Nikolla P. Qafoku (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory); Joseph V. Ryan (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory). Project No 0204-05.  07/01/2012 ‑ 07/01/2015.  $885k.

U.S. DoD/DTRA “Fast ultra-trace detection of fission product relative isotopic abundances” Nathalie A. Wall (PI) and Peter Reilly. HDTRA1-12-0015.  5/7/2012 ‑ 5/6/2017.  $1,772k.

U.S. DOE/NEUP “Rapid Computer Aided Ligand Design and Screening of Precious Metal Extractants from TRUEX Raffinate with Experimental Validation”.  Aurora Clark (PI), Matt Huddelson, Nathalie A. Wall, and Paul Benny.  Project No 3095.  10/03/2011 ‑ 09/30/2014.  $500k.

U.S. DOE/BER.  “Influence of Organic Ligands on the Stability and Mobility of Reduced Tc(IV) and U(IV)”, Nathalie A. Wall (PI) and Baohua Gu (ORNL) Grant No DE­‑FG02‑­08ER64696.  09/15/2008 ‑ 09/15/2011.  $601k.

U.S. NRC.  “Washington State University (WSU) Radiochemistry Faculty Development Grant”  Nathalie A. Wall (PI). Grant No NRC 3808953. 07/23/2008 ‑ 07/22/2011.  $345k.

N. Wall Awards

Provost Featured Faculty Member, Washington State University, 02/17/2017.

Early Career Faculty Award, Washington State University, College of Sciences, 05/2012.

Sandia National Laboratories, Division 6000 Employee Recognition Award, Winning Team Member of the WIPP Compliance Recertification Team, 2005.

Radiochemistry Society Presidential Award, 2003.